4 Ways the Mobile Commerce Technology is Affecting the B2B Ecommerce Solution

b2b ecommerce platform comparison

Here are a few important ways how the mobile commerce technology is affecting the B2B sphere and B2B ecommerce solution!


The constant pressure on suppliers to fit the B2B mobile consumer habits is growing. More than ever, it is important that suppliers of all industries and sizes are making use of mobile technology, in order for them to keep up with new requirements and specifications.

The good news – the trend towards mobile comes with so many great opportunities. With the ability to work outside the traditional desktop browser, the suppliers can finally take advantage of new features such as social integration, push notifications, mobile payments, and etc.

In this post, we will share a few important ways how the mobile commerce technology is affecting the B2B sphere and B2B ecommerce platforms:

  • Feature-rich applications and mobile stores: The suppliers can now offer a range of features such as personal order histories, customizable dashboards, and etc. The feature-richness (already present in B2C ecommerce platforms and stores) is beginning to characterize the B2B mobile technology as well.
  • Effortless integration: A fun fact about the new mobile phones is that they have entrenched themselves into our everyday lives in a way that PC laptops or desktop computers never could. All of the new capabilities included, from contact sync listing to location tracking can improve the mobile B2B experience offering business owners a chance to improve the B2B shopping experience as well.
  • New advertising options: More and more advertising options are presenting themselves. For example, now you can send marketing messages to your potential customers to remind them to find their purchase, visit your store to check a new promotion, and etc. These features are growing and it is a chance for you to do something about it. It is time for you to explore your options and hopefully take your B2B ecommerce store to the next level.
  • Analytics services are offering mobile-specific data: You need to keep one thing in mind – the importance of data in the modern B2B ecommerce world can’t be underestimated. You can now use the in-depth analytics tool to get information about everything – your customers, their experience on the site, and more.

The main point to remember is that buyers purchasing through their mobile phones have a different set of needs. For that reason, you need a B2B ecommerce solution (like Shopify, for example) that can offer you feature-rich apps, effortless integrations, a chance for you to advertise and promote, and in-depth analytic tools.